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AppsLib – getting your apps onto Android tablets

Apps for Android Tablets

  • Appslib is present on over 2 million Android tablets from a range of Manufacturers including Archos, Arnova and Naxa among many others.
  • Preinstalled on these tablets, Appslib is the first stop for users of these brands to download apps.

Manufacturers that test apps

  • Appslib gives manufacturers tools to test your apps on their devices, giving you approved logos specific to certain devices, and allowing better placement of applications for the right tablet.
  • You can choose which devices you want your applications to appear on.

Free and paid-for apps

  • Applib is able to provide paid for apps, with payment carried out through Paypal and a simple revenue share of 70% to developer, 30% for Appslib to cover costs.
  • As a developer you would have payments directly to your paypal account once our $50 retainer (used for refunds) is reached.
  • Thanks to Paypal’s wide coverage and simple pre-approved pin payment system, payment on AppsLib is available in almost all countries and currencies.

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