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The advantages of AppsLib
  1. Appslib is the second largest Android marketplace after Google Market. And we specialize in Android devices that can�t get google certification (tablets, eReaders, PMPs...).

  2. Appslib has an install base of over 2 million tablets worldwide. And Appslib is the ONLY marketplace installed on these tablets, so if you aren�t in Appslib, these tablets will not see your apps.

  3. Appslib is open world-wide, even for paid-for apps, thanks to payment via Paypal.

  4. Appslib does not ask developers for up-front fees. We share 70% of revenue with developers, That money goes to your account the very second the payment is made*. And you get paid in the currency you want to get paid in.

  5. Choose the devices to publish on; through the upload interface, we pre-filter what devices your app will work on and allow you to drill down even further to select the devices that you want your app available to e.g. only 10inch+ tablets.

  6. Your apps get tested on the devices, apps that work great get the approved stamp for that device, meaning even more downloads.

  7. Unlike some other app marketplaces, Appslib does not refuse apps with off-the-back revenue streams like subscriptions or advertising.

As well as the standard bits: automatic app updates to users, LVL protection system, download and purchase stats...

* payments will arrive on the developer account only once the $50 retainer (used to manage refunds) is reached. To allow for correct revenue share, 100% of sale price arrives on the developer account 70% of the time.

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