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Q: Can you lend me a tablet to develop my apps?
A: Appslib cannot lend out Tablets from our partner manufacturers, however our testers will be testing your app. If you let us know when you have published it we can test it and provide you with feedback, maybe even the log to help you debug.

Q: Do you have an SDK for tablets?
A: No there is no SDK for tablets, however you can alter the standard Android SDK to show an ur-tablet view. Our friends over at Archos have given us these settings for their Gen8 tablets click here to see the specs.

Q�: I see that some of the tablets you support have a larger taskbar (for buttons) or virtual buttons on the side of the screen, does this change how I should code my app?
A: Yes, some tablets have virtual buttons that change the usable screen area. Click here to see a method for using the REAL size of the screen.

Q: My application is in an uncommon language (eg: Serbian). Can I still upload it to AppsLib?
A: Yes, but understand that this will delay the process for us testing it. If you use a lesser known language in your application, please also include at least English, even if it is not perfect English, as an alternate choice for the user of the application.

Q: Does AppsLib allow applications that are written in Chinese?
A: Yes we allow Chinese applications.

Q: My app was refused by the bigger app stores because it has sexual content, I suppose you are going to refuse it too?
A: Not at all! We have a special Adult Content category that is blocked by pin code to prevent younger users getting in. As long as you put your apps with sexual content in the Adult Content category, your app will not be refused.

Q: Does appslib provide any encryption mechanism for the paid apps to protect the apps against unauthorized installation?
A: Yes, we have an LVL system in place click here to see details on how to install it in your app next to the standard google LVL.

Q: How do I publish my app on AppsLib?
A: First you have to create a free developer account on the Appslib website. Then just follow the instructions. Our testers will then test your application.

Q: Can I choose to only publish on one device or a group of devices?
A: Of course, you are free to set your app to prevent it appearing on the app listings on the different devices should you so wish.

Q: I uploaded my app and it isn't appearing in the listing of apps, why?
A: For big changes to apps (like a new upload) you will have to wait for our daily server reload to take place.
Q: I have a paid app on appslib, can you explain what this retainer thing is?
A: So that we can manage any refunds on the applications without taking money from developers we run a $50 retainer. All purchases that take place before the $50 is reached will be taken by appslib, purchases over this initial $50 will be split between the developer and appslib.

Q: What currency will I be given my 70% share in?
A: AppsLib uses PayPal� payment processing services so developers can sell their applications worldwide and get paid in the currency they chose. If you want to know the range of currencies available click here.

Q: Will I be able to see stats on the downloads and sales of my apps?
A: Yes, in your developer account you can see graphics on downloads of your free apps and transaction and refund records for your paid apps.

Q: Do you allow apps with secondary revenue in appslib, are you going to want a share of the subscription I take on the back of my free app?
A: We allow all kinds of apps in appslib, if you have secondary revenue from a subscription or an unlock code, we will still accept your app on Appslib and won't be asking you for a share of the revenue. We still reserve the right to remove your app if you abuse this freedom, though :-).

Q: I am getting users saying that my app isn't working on a tablet that you support, who should I speak to about it?
A: Just drop us a mail or send us info on it through our contact form. If it is something simple then we may be able to help you ourselves, if it is more complex then we will work with you to get help from the engineers at our partner manufacturers.

Q: I have an update for my app, will the users be able to see it?
A: We have update alerts through the android taskbar via appslib for app updates. Users will be able to see the updates that are available through the 'my apps' section.

Q: What are the criteria used to determine whether or not an app gets the approved stamp?
A: The application must be suited to the screen size of the device and run must run smoothly without any bugs.

Q: I think my app would be great preinstalled on tablets from your partner manufacturers, who do I talk to about that?
A: We don't handle preinstalls for our partners other than giving a little guidance. But talk to us about it and we could put your app in the suggestion box if we think it's good enough. You should know that for the most part they only accept free apps for preinstalls.

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