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Developers receive 70% of revenue (i.e. 70% of sales price)

  • Appslib provides developers with 70% of application revenue and the developer will be provided with regular payment though a retainer on PayPal. See details

Expenses account for around 10% of revenue

  • PayPal fees, upload fees, server maintenance�

AppsLib and manufacturer share the margin

  • Manufacturer gets 10% of revenue

AppsLib gets remaining

  • About 10% of revenue

In order to charge a fee for your Applications, you must have a valid Payment Account under a separate agreement with PayPal.

  • If you already have a valid payment account with PayPal before signing up for Appslib, then the terms of the agreement between Appslib and the developer shall supersede the terms and conditions of the payment account concerning the Applications sold via Appslib. See details

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