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Appslib is an Android client that the end user can use for discovery, download and purchase of applications directly from the device: �

Manufacturers undertake to:

  • Register Devices: declare earnestly the characteristics of the Devices onto which the AppsLib Store Application will be installed (Authorised Licensee Devices)
  • Install the AppsLib Store Application on each Authorized Licensee Device
  • Promote AppsLib through Licensee�s retail distribution channels and Website
  • Test and Approve Apps
  • Contribute to the qualification of its Devices for AppsLib

From the device, the end-user can use the Appslib to:

  • Purchase - User can purchase applications directly via the handset. If the user already has the application installed or they cancel the request, they will not be billed for the transaction.
  • Discovery - User can drill down based on category to choose an application to purchase or install. Only applications that are appropriate for the device show up.
  • Download - User can download free applications or paid-for apps.
  • Appslib Version Update - when a new update of Appslib is available, a message will appear asking the user if they would like to upgrade.
  • Install Notifications - the end user will be notified when the application has been successfully installed.
  • Search - Users can search for applications by keywords, as well as sort by ratings and date.
  • Screenshots - Appslib supports screenshots on the catalogue page.


Contact us to discuss the costs and licensing options. We will need to get your customer requirements and then we will provide a statement of work as soon as we can do the estimate.


Appslib can be licensed world-wide.


You can follow this simple process to get Appslib on your device:
  1. Fill out the Partner contact form on site so we can understand your specific needs.
  2. You will be contacted by our partnerships manager who will explain the contract points to you.
  3. Once the signed contract has been received you will be given a partner account to begin the registration process.
  4. Send Appslib samples of your devices for testing.
  5. Once Appslib approve your devices, appslib will be opened to your devices and we will send you the final appslib version for mass production.

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