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We have received many requests from mobile device manufacturers to join AppsLib and benefit from its services by bundling the AppsLib client into their devices.

Google Market is available only for a few smartphones and manufacturers but other Android devices want access to Apps

  • Google�s policy all along has been to work only with a few selected manufacturers
  • Not all devices need�GPS, compass, 2-MPel autofocus camera and physical buttons, all being part of the minimal requirements to qualify for Google Market
  • Screen sizes have been limited to 7�, larger sizes and resolutions tablets above 7� are excluded
  • It is unlikely that any Android tablet above 7� will qualify before Google releases its own tablet running Honeycomb or beyond in the second half of 2011

AppsLib encourages Manufacturers to test and approve apps so that end users have the option to display only �Approved� apps and thereby filter out most unwanted apps

  • With AppsLib, everyone can post new Apps and new Apps are not vetted or tested for anyone

Google Market is cluttered with non-working, undesirable or useless applications

  • Anyone can post Apps without any control
  • No vetting, no filtering whatsoever

AppsLib is dedicated to providing the best Apps for advanced Android devices:

  • Android Tablets. See details
  • High-end devices with high resolution and large screens. See details
  • Devices for Vertical/Professional markets. See details
  • Other smartphones
  • Non-phone devices

AppsLib encourages Developers to qualify their apps for each manufacturer�s authorized device

  • AppsLib allows developers to select which devices work for their apps

AppsLib uses PayPal� payment processing services accessible from all over the world

  • 21 currencies will be supported. See details

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